Expert’s leadership traits for the upcoming businesses

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Expert’s leadership traits for the upcoming businesses

  1. Clarification of the complexity
  • 1st step for any challenges is to clarify the main reasons of any particular issues.
  • 2nd important step is to simplify the process with an easy to understand communication within the organization.
  • 3rd step is to catch the most required skills & medium to reach your vision.

Credit: Joseph L. Badaracco, Professor of Business Ethics at Harvard Business School.

  1. Welcomes the creative thinking approach
  • Excellent leaders should always be flexible and open-minded for the opportunities, challenges, multiple possibilities, drawbacks.
  • Leadership strategy should not be limited to the single operational approach or idea. It always requires multiple viewpoints, critical thinking and knowledge about the current trends in case of quick & accurate decision.

Credit: Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Ernest L. Arbuckle professor of business at Harvard Business School.

  1. Bringing humility and self-confidence for the development
  • Any challenges can be solved with the strong determination of achieving the organizational objectives.
  • Successful leadership decisions should always be inspired from the perceived values for the stakeholders.
  • Giving respects and encouraging the stakeholders gives the long-term insights of organizational success.

Credit: Chester A. Huber, Senior Lecturer of Business Administration at Harvard Business School.

  1. Work collaboratively for a mission
  • One of the most effectual leadership style is to work collaboratively without any communicate gaps within the organization.
  • Awareness of desired output should be prioritized by each an every stakeholders which enables to reach success.
  • Each and every measured forecasts has to be clearly identified for the company’s growth.
  • The structuring and planning process should also be designed with an individual assigned duties by every single associates.
  • The reason behind including every single associate as a part of main structuring process is to implement an effective and easier action for the particular task.

Credit: Joseph B. Fuller, Professor of Management Practice at the Harvard Business School.

  1. Always set an optimum top standards
  • The classic leadership handbook has also defined the importance of setting high standards as an effective leadership quality.
  • Elevating the standards always enables the organization to achieve the scalable growth in business.

Credit: Leonard A. Schlesinger, Baker Foundation Professor at Harvard Business School.

  1. Never get affected by any unnecessary distractors
  • Staying Focused is one of the most effective master key to achieve success.

Credit: Rebecca M. Henderson, John and Natty McArthur University Professor at Harvard Business School.

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