India • China • Ladakh • Pangong Tso • Line of Actual Control, India-China border Issues: Border violation, provocative movements at border, Increasing disputes and tensions at border.

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India • China • Ladakh • Pangong Tso • Line of Actual Control, India-China border Issues: Border violation, provocative movements at border, Increasing disputes and tensions at border.

Recently, the Indian territory has experienced critical border violation by chinese troops after chinese army’s provocative military movements observed in Ladakh.

The China’s violation has caused many serious consequences especially the death of more than 15 Indian soldiers due to the Chinese troops by the month of June. After which, the clashes has generated more conflicts against two nuclear powers and more complicated circumstances followed by several peace talks. Moreover, more suspicious activities of Chinese troops were caught by Indian army at the Pangong Tso Lake on the late night of 29th August 2020 through an advanced settings. Which indicates the  intention of Chinese troops even after its inclusion in peace talks initiated by India. The Indian army has right to protect its territories if commitments are broken by Chinese troops and India would be strongly taking protective steps against suspicious movements. India has always maintained its breach of trust with countries when considering the ethics and status quo, the provocative moments by Chinese troops would makes it inevitable for Indian army to proceed with protective steps against any allegations at border.

Considering the loss of soldiers in previous clash, it has provoked the sense of taking serious actions against chinese troops to avoid mote critical damages allegedly caused by chinese troops. Already, the Chinese troops have critically injured more than 70 Indian soldiers when fighting took place, evidentially broke the breach of trust that are necessary to address the conflicts. The Chinese troops have been allegedly observed to continue the construction at the border to make the infrastructure for further consequences.

The control line has been observed to give serious cause for disputes between the border of two countries and soldiers always execute their duties while representing the strength of its armies. Due to which, the clashes are hard to be avoided when both sides come on the platform to protect their country. However, it becomes prerequisite to initiate the end of war for avoiding the critical damage by any of the side. whereas, the intentions of damaging the countries should be eliminated in order to protect the own country due to the increased strength of opponent as well. Recently, China has placed thousands of troops at the Galwan valleys of Ladakh and trying to expand its territory unethically by crossing the Indian border. which has given the main clause of increasing tension over the India-China border and the requirement of peace talks to avoid boundary disputes.

The provocative movements initiated by the Chinese troops have critical chances of humiliating defeat and increased tensions over the border if the strategic goals are unethical. The affected Indian areas is at the remote locations and used for safely moving the resources more quickly during the conflicts. Reportedly, the China has developed missile base at the affected area and increased the disputes at border to strengthen its air missile facilities suspiciously. However, the Indian military has been detecting and analyzing these suspicious activities with its advanced regular intelligences and other settings to protect India in every way.

The boundary disputes have evidentially reflected the china’s strategy in terms of its military practices between India and killed Indian soldiers when developing the new infrastructures at border. China has initiated the provocative movements at southern bank of Pangong lake give serious results during the India-china standoff. However, the phenomena has received various political attention in the sense securing public trust for the safety and security of Indian citizens.