Lockdown Extension in India: An Economic Challenge

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May 25, 2020
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May 26, 2020
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Lockdown Extension in India: An Economic Challenge

The Coronavirus cases are growing with substantial amount of economic and health crisis in India. Due to which, the state government are facing difficulties in granting permission for reopening the businesses. Addressing the health crisis has always been the first priority of state and central government amid Coronavirus pandemic.

Subsequently, the concern for lockdown extensions are continuously becoming one of the major discussions on economic level. However, the lockdown has created the historical damage on the Indian Economy due to an increasing number of Coronavirus cases. Indian Economy has been badly affected due to the lockdown, which might raise the concern over lockdown extension. Reopening the businesses and Indian transportation services have become critical decisions for the policy makers due to the rise of more than 6000 coronavirus cases on a daily basis.

Despite the facts, an expert and administrator of several big scale companies have revealed that the lockdown extension is not likely to help the country’s economic situation. The rapid lockdown extension as well as reopening has more chances to impact the Indian economy from every single sectors. A systemic process of rescuing the businesses and public health is critically required in order to sustain the Indian economy.

The Himachal Pradesh is knwon for its tourism in Shimla, makes it inevitable to take preventive measures by extending the lockdown in all the districts till 30th June 2020. Primarily, the lockdown extension after 31st may has been applied for Hamirpur and Solan districts of Himachal Pradesh. Till 26th may 2020, more than 200 coronavirus cases were observed as a total of cases from Hamirpur and Solan in Himachal Pradesh.

Maharashtra, with highest number of coronavirus cases, more likely to extend the lockdown after 31st May 2020. However, the chief ministers has supported the previous decisions of lockdown extensions since 25th May due to an increase in coronavirus cases. whereas, the current situations have changed looking at the economic challenges which is more likely to get converted into the critical financial crisis in India. If lockdown extensions are not carried out with a systematic and more strict regulations, then Coronavirus cases are more likely to get increased considering the trend graphs of COVID-19 cases in India.

The Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry has taken charges of the situations more systematically with latest preventive measures from coronavirus outbreak. Consequently, the Corona Virus lockdown extension has became huge challenge for aviation sectors with more than 45000 coronavirus cases in Maharashtra. The reopening of flights amid coronavirus outbreak has brought more critical questions to answer due to the increased amount of cases. It is more crucial to control the air travel with the most advanced preventive measures and complete control over the situations under the government’s protection. Consequently, The situation in new Delhi has also been observed with the critical challenges in order to lift the coronavirus lockdown due to the rising number of cases.