Memorial Day 2020 During Coronavirus Pandemic

May 24, 2020
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May 26, 2020
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Memorial Day 2020 During Coronavirus Pandemic

The first weekend of Memorial Day 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic has brought various observations considering the facilitations in the United States. The people has received certain relaxations in terms of getting access to the takeaway foods from outlets during the Memorial Day. The Memorial Day has been known and celebrated as one of the most proudful day in the American history. The American people remember and appreciate the sacrifice of United States militants who served for their nation.

Since 1971, the Americans have been witnessing the proudful moments of Memorial Day and take part in the parade shows and ceremonies in the summer season. However, the situation in 2020 has been badly affected by the corona virus pandemic and became a reason for cancellation of social gatherings and events for the Memorial Day 2020. The organizers of such events had to dismiss most of the huge parades and arrange the limited number of small gatherings for the Memorial Day 2020 ceremonies.

The National holidays were declared on the Memorial Day 2020 for most of the banks, federal government offices, Shopping malls, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) markets, Schools, colleges, libraries and Post offices amid COVID-19 pandemic. Whereas, several restaurants were granted permissions to keep their outlets open only for the takeaways as well as the delivery on the Memorial Day. However, the social distancing remained mandatory for all the places where human transaction happened. The small ceremonies with social distancing were carried out with respects to the American soldiers. Despite all the challenges imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic, certain beaches were still observed with crowds of people on the Memorial Day 2020. However, the state governments of respective locations had earlier decided to reopen the several bars, restaurants on Memorial Day with mandatory rules of social distancing.

The concerns remained same for the government in order to keep people safe from COVID-19 spread due to the social gatherings. The relaxations to visit the beaches on weekend during the Memorial Day times, caused an overcrowded beached with more than 500,000 people. Looking at the current situations with lot of COVID-19 cases, the weekend holidays on Memorial Day were observed with people not wearing masks in the critical situations. The COVID-19 death toll in America had earlier crossed 100,000 due to the challenges for maintaining social distancing in respective locations in United States. The relaxations on keeping the beaches open has influenced the people positively and negatively due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the increasing Corona Virus cases in USA is raising more critical questions about reopening of specific facilities and locations.