WHO declares Asymptomatic COVID-19 spread as “very rare”

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WHO declares Asymptomatic COVID-19 spread as “very rare”

Worldwide COVID-19 Update

World Health Organization has been putting its greatest efforts in order to educate the people about how to stop the spread of corona virus. The health of human being has always been considered as the most prioritized factor by world health organization’s help in the critical situation worldwide. In addition, the remarkable amount of international companies are putting their efforts to decrease the spread of COVID-19 infection. Consequently, it is highly focused that people with COVID-19 symptoms to be taken care with an optimum amount of facilities. The people with no clinical COVID-19 symptoms are known as an asymptomatic corona virus infected people if they are tested positive from testings.

Since, World Health Organization is considered as the most reliable organization towards increasing the worldwide public health, it has recently described another criteria towards precautions and prevention of COVID-19 spread. The WHO has declared that the spread of COVID-19 is not likely to get increased through asymptomatic people. which indicates the less amount of critical risks of infectious disease through the physical transaction with asymptomatic people. Whereas, there are increasing amount of arguments observed by the researchers in the view of asymptomatic corona virus infected people. The qualitative evidences are pointing out the spread of COVID-19 to the numerous amount of physical transaction from people to people. which indicates the contrast between previous corona virus situation and current observations about symptomatic and asymptomatic people. However, the further preventive criteria amid COVID-19 spread is more likely to remain strict in order to avoid any mistakes during social distancing. The Reopening or Unlocking the specific locations are going to raise more complicated questions regarding COVID-19 spread.

Therefore, it is more feasible to prevent the spread of infection based on the guidelines described by the World Health Organization. Moreover, the WHO has further declared that asymptomatic people are also being observed with an increasing amount of unclear reasons to get infected from corona virus. The authoritarians have revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic is continuously describing the dynamic facts about asymptomatic spread of infections from people to people. Furthermore, the situations are getting more complicated due to the reopening of facilities that includes social gatherings in various countries. It is inevitable to prevent the spread of infection in the mass gatherings without social distancing and preventive measures in the contaminated areas.

There are various facts indicating the increasing amount of critical situations from the asymptomatic corona virus cases in various countries. Also, there are more likelihood to get tested positive without having any identical symptoms about the corona virus infection. In fact, the remarkable amount of infectious people were reported to experience the mild impact of disease based on their level of immunity power. Due to which, the people without any testings are not experiencing the impact of corona virus disease even if they are getting infected without them knowing the contamination. The risks of getting infected remains complicated considering the corona virus spreads and compromising the preventive measures from asymptomatic COVID-19 people.

However, the researchers and clinical experts have raised various questions against the asymptomatic corona virus cases considering its serious consequences. The understandings from various worldwide renowned sources can not be underestimated that might put the humanities into the critical situations. Therefore, the spread of COVID-19 from asymptomatic people can be considered as the rare despite its impact on the individuals. There are always progressive facts being researched and declared by the world health organization in order to increase the human health standards.